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reviewed by yours truly: 40.0% (2)

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Size signification
<50 hl/yr: picobrewey (part-time or hobby)
<1'000 hl/yr: nanobrewery
<5'000 hl/yr: microbrewery
<50'000 hl/yr: regional brewery
>50'000 hl/yr: large brewery

Rating signification
to The nec plus ultra ! Don't miss those breweries.
Very good breweries !
Above average and satisfying.
to Average.
 Not terrible.
 This is getting pretty bad.
to  Be cautious: you may REALLY not like it !

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The breweries displayed with a yellow background do not appear anymore on the list of the Federal Customs, yet seem to be still active. I will keep them for some time in the hope that they will regulate their situation.

Breweries (5)

# of beers
Rating avg
Please be aware that all ratings and comments reflect my opinion only ! So don't blame me if I dislike your favourite brewery. Fortunately we are free to like whatever we like...

Founded in 2016

Untergässli 4
6461 Isenthal


list of beers

6 14

Lot of creativity and beers of above average quality. Worth a try.

Founded in 2017

Wasserschaftsweg 2
6472 Erstfeld


70 hl

list of beers

N/A N/A Brewer: Brigitte Ruch.
Brewing on a 150 liters installation.

Founded in 2018

Bürglergrund 7
6460 Altdorf


list of beers

N/A N/A Brewers: Nicolas Bollinger and Walter Gerber.
Eggbärgler Bier

Founded in 2022

Eggberge 320
6460 Altdorf


list of beers

N/A N/A -
Stiär Biär

Founded in 2005

Moosbadweg 14
6460 Altdorf


943 hl

list of beers

8 12.25

Brewer: Marius Prammer.
After a promising start in 2005 the 2 brewers, Max Herger and Mario Muther decided to go professional. The production stopped and the brewery started again on May 15th 2010. The goal was to reach 1'500 hl within 3 years and to conquer the canton's market. An agreement with Heineken has been made for the distribution.
Has 5 employees and brews 4 core beers and 3 seasonals in german styles on a 10 hl installation.

no brewpubs reported

no beer shops reported

Closed Breweries (7)

NameAddressfounded-closedContact # of beers
Rating Comments
Don't kill me, it's only my opinion...
Aktienbrauerei Schützengarten
6460 Altdorf
1875 - 1895

 N/A N/A Originally called Bierbrauerei des Gewerbevereins.
Brutus Brew
6460 Altdorf
2019 - 2022


1 14.8 Could be inactive.
6474 Amsteg
1872 - 1880

 N/A N/A N/A
6460 Altdorf
1875 - 1911

 N/A N/A N/A
6460 Altdorf
1875 - 1885

 N/A N/A N/A
6487 Göschenen
1870 - 1890

 N/A N/A N/A
6460 Altdorf
1875 - 1905

 N/A N/A N/A