Welcome to my Switzerland Beer Guide! You can click on the country map to browse the canton of your choice or choose one of the links below. All the breweries listed here are registered at the Swiss Federal Customs Administration. For each brewery, I try to put together the most possible informations and, if available, you'll find links to the brewery's homepage and to Google maps as well. And of course, if I've been lucky enough to put my hands on their beers, you'll find also a short review. Don't forget that this will be by definition subjective, so don't shout at me if your opinion diverges. If you are a swiss brewer and would like me to review your beers, then feel free to contact me (bov (at) I'm always interested!
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  • June - August 2018: Bantigerbier (3072 Ostermundigen, BE), Belp/Burggäslibier (3123 Belp, BE), Beny-Bier (4934 Madiswil, BE), Kämpf (3658 Merligen, BE), Hofbrauerei-Springer (4402 Frenkendorf, BL), Brasserie de la Grue (1669 Albeuve, FR), Ouvrière de Genève (1201 Genève, GE), Brauwerkstatt van Maisenberg (6370 Stans, NW), Centurio Bier (4574 Lüsslingen, SO), Ristorante Centrale (6616 Losone, TI), Brauatelier Kubaba (8412 Hünikon, ZH),Brau-Atelier Uerikon (8713 Uerikon, ZH), HellsKitchen Brewery (8153 Rümlang, ZH), Seebueb (8706 Meilen, ZH). Reloaded: Falling Pine (formerly Gopf Biir, 6814 Cadempino. TI), Atlas Craft Beer (1004 Lausanne, VD) and Heavenbrew (6312 Steinhausen, ZG). Closed: 523 (BE), Steinegger (BL), Haldemann (FR) and la Vadge (VD).

  • May 2018: Bachtelibräu (5408 Ennetbaden, AG), Bünzwasser (5610 Wohlen, AG), Trostburger (5723 Teufenthal, AG), Bier aus Tägertschi (3111 Tägertschi, BE), Biene Bräu (4104 Oberwil , BL), Föifliberbier (4417 Ziefen, BL), Hopferdammi (4053 Basel, BS), Schesaplanahütte (7212 Seewis Dorf, GR), Brauwerkstatt Kriens (6010 Kriens, LU), Wunderli (8806 Bäch, SZ), Birra 55 (6950 Tesserete, TI), Keller (8620 Wetzikon, ZH), Pressing (8465 Wildensbuch, ZH), Shooter's (8400 Winterthur, ZH). Reloaded: Grimm (Köniz, BE). Closed: Kocher Bräu (BE) and Atlas Craft Beer (VD).

  • April 2018: Araris (Unterentfelden, AG), Brauerei Aarau (Aarau, AG), brewing friends (Hünibach, BE), Frutigbier (Frutigen, BE), Unikum (Bern, BE), St. Johannsbräu (Basel, BS), Alpe Pian Doss (Soazza, GR), Black Peak (Davos Platz, GR), Riedi Gervosaria (Flond, GR), PeRo (Rickenbach, LU), Mööslibräu (Gams, SG), Aurum (Selzach, SO), Crypto Madness (Cadempino, TI), Olgiati (Iseo, TI), Boge-Biär (Altdorf, UR), Brasserie de la Pêcherie (Noville, VD), Volottaz (le Vaud, VD), Murith (Orsières, VS), Alchymia (Effretikon, ZH), einheitsbier (Winterthur, ZH), Witty Copper's (Forch, ZH). Closed: Baselbieter (BL) and Betreiberverein Vision IDA (ZH).

  • March 2018: BrauGarage Reinach (5734 Reinach , AG), Falkenbräu Baden (5400 Baden, AG), Hektor Bier (4800 Zofingen , AG), MashBrothers (5070 Frick, AG), Stedtli Bier (5522 Tägerig, AG), Bierverein Jens+itzer (2565 Jens, BE), Niesenblick (3653 Oberhofen, BE), Roubouz Braumanufaktur (2558 Aegerten, BE), Bärenbräu (4153 Reinach , BL), Paragraph-elf (4125 Riehen, BS), Durhône (1616 Attalens, FR), Brasserie artisanale de Beaulieu (1203 Genève, GE), La Cave (1224 Chêne-Bougeries, GE), l'Agneau à Trois Pattes (1292 Chambésy, GE), SG / l'Arrêt de Bus (1251 Gy, GE), Davoser Craft Beer (7270 Davos Platz, GR), Château Bräu (2075 Thielle, NE), Tres Hombres (6064 Kerns, OW), Brüsis-Bräu (8881 Tscherlach, SG), Sarganserbräu (7320 Sargans, SG), Schlosserbräu (9444 Diepoldsau, SG), Züblibräu (8730 Uznach, SG), Brauverein Saubanner (6430 Schwyz, SZ), Wetter (8597 Landschlacht, TG), Fabbrica di birra St. Salvatore (6715 Dongio, TI), Brasserie de Champagne (1424 Champagne, VD), Brasserie du 38 (1006 Lausanne, VD), la Versée (1357 Lignerolle, VD), Leysin (1854 Leysin, VD), le Traquenard (1950 Sion , VS), Sonnenberge (3956 Guttet-Feschel, VS), Franzen Brau (6340 Baar, ZG), Brauchon (8047 Zürich, ZH), Braugut Spezialitäten- und Auftragsbrauerei (8492 Wila, ZH), die Hopferei (8634 Hombrechtikon, ZH), Gartenbräu (8172 Niederglatt, ZH), Hassbräu (8820 Wädenswil, ZH). Closed: Lonzi (AG), Basiliske (BL), HAMI (BE), Brasserie du Gibloux (FR) and Fazodaba (ZH).

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