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Size signification
<50 hl/yr: picobrewey (part-time or hobby)
<1'000 hl/yr: nanobrewery
<5'000 hl/yr: microbrewery
<50'000 hl/yr: regional brewery
>50'000 hl/yr: large brewery

Rating signification
to The nec plus ultra ! Don't miss those breweries.
Very good breweries !
Above average and satisfying.
to Average.
 Not terrible.
 This is getting pretty bad.
to  Be cautious: you may REALLY not like it !

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Breweries (2)

# of beers
Rating avg
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Alpstein craft beer

Founded in 2021

9054 Haslen

079 138 99 06


N/A N/A Brewer: Marc Bolliger.

Founded in 1810

Brauereiplatz 1
9050 Appenzell

071 788 01 40


400'000 hl

list of beers

45 11.2

"The family Locher bought the brewery ""in Appenzell"" (1810) back in 1886. This family-owned enterprise, run by the 5th generation, has 100 employees and is one of the most ambitious national breweries, enjoying an impressive growth (12'000 hl in 1994; 60'000 hl in 2008; 140'000 in 2010, more than 300'000 in 2018 and about 400'000 to 450'000 hl nowadays which makes of Locher the biggest independent brewery in the country). It is also the most important contract brewer in the country and produces beers for 1936, Ackermann, Mein Emmental, Ela Bier, Calvinus, Komturei Tobel, Wyssestei, Egger (since 2020) and Hopfentropfen and probably more). Locher is exporting about 4'500 hl yearly. It was the first brewery ""online"" back in 1991! Some original beers and offering basically solid and well-made german-style products. If you are looking for so-called craft beer styles, you are at the wrong place..."

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Closed Breweries (2)

NameAddressfounded-closedContact # of beers
Rating Comments
Don't kill me, it's only my opinion...
Krone, J. Locher's Erben
9413 Oberegg
1852 - 1972


9050 Appenzell
1829 - ?