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General Informations

How Beer Is Brewed (a simple introduction to beer and brewing; by joet,
The RateBeer Hop Guide (
Malt & Adjunct Guide (from BeerAdvocate)
Yeast Guide (from BeerAdvocate)
Short Description of Beer Styles (by Bov)
Off-flavours in beer

More for the Beer Raters and Aficionados

Get Beer By Mail! (a list of businesses offering beer by mail;
Beer Styles Advanced Guide (a comprehensive study of beer styles; by Josh Oakes,
How to Spot a Bad Beer (a beginner's guide to acidity, skunkiness, floaties and other fun stuff; by Josh Oakes,
The Vintage Page (by Bov)
So Got a Cellar...Now What? (a tutorial on the aging of beer; by Joris Pattyn,
The German Reinheitsgebot - why it's a load of old bollocks (by Ron Pattinson)
Das "Reinheitsgebot": Die reine Wahrheit (by
The Trappist Brewers and their beers (by Bov)
Glossary (Ratebeer)
"Bier braucht Heimat" und das Lohnbrauen-Syndrom (by Bov)


Front Helvétique de Libièration - FHL (by Laurent Mousson)
Stephent Beaumont's World of Beer
Roger Protz
Melissa Cole
Ronald Pattinson
Martyn Cornell
Michael Jackson
Mario D'Eer


Beer Me! (Informations on more than 11'000 (!) Breweries) (more than 4500 breweries pictures)
Addresses Breweries
Beer coasters collector
NWMicroBrews (an ongoing collection of NorthWest microbrew labels)
Lorenzo Dabove (Kuaska)
British Guild Of Beer Writers
The Campaign for Real Ale
European Beer Consumers Union
Beer Steins International (offers a wide selection auf authentic German beer steins and beer mugs. Also check out our steins forum to discuss anything about steins.)

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