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Chess is, beside beer, my great passion.

Over the Board

I am playing actively since 1993 as a member of the Schachgesellschaft Biel.
Since 2005 I am also member of the Schachklub Biel.
My actual national rating is 1987.


...You also have to know how to use the different programs, because you can have 'Fritz','Shredder', 'Junior' and 'Rybka', from my experience, they often contradict each other. So knowing which machine plays better in certain situations and whether in this type of position you use this machine and in another one you use a different one. It's a new form of creativity, but it is still creativity, because creativity is your ability to be different from the crowd.»
(G. Kasparov, Chess-Café-Interview 2007)

I have started to play correspondence chess back in 1995 against some club members. Then, between 1999 and 2003, I played more than 300 games as a member of the International E-mail Chess Club (IECC). In summer of 2003 I became member of the Schweizer Fernschachvereinigung. Some weeks later I started to play on ICCF (Internet Correspondence Chess Federation).
My correspondence rating is 2418.
I have reached my first IM norm on May 3rd 2009 and my second on February 1st 2012. I have also been awarded the title of International Correspondence Chess Master (IM) in 2012.

Here are the links to my tournaments in progress:
Thematic: Latvian Gambit, C40 Group 3

Tournaments I played since 2003 (in red those that I have won):
Thematic: Cochrane Attack, Group 4
Thematic: FInal King's Indian Defence
28. Meisterschaft der Schweiz
World Championship Semifinals 45/sf 4
Thematic: King's Indian Defence
Thematic: King's Indian Defence
Thematic: Final Pirc Austrian, Attack
Thematic: Final Traxler Attack
Thematic: Pirc Austrian, Attack
Thematic: Final Latvian Gambit
26. Meisterschaft der Schweiz
Thematic: Traxler Attack
Friendly match Switzerland vs. Germany
Thematic: Latvian Gambit, C40
25. Meisterschaft der Schweiz
Jubilee 30 Years Swiss CC Section B
Friendly match Switzerland vs. Australia/New Zealand
Friendly match USA vs. Switzerland
10th European Team Championship - Semifinal
24. Meisterschaft der Schweiz, Finale
Friendly match Finland vs. Switzerland
Schnupperturnier 4 (SFSV)
ICCF Olympiad 20 Preliminaries
69th European Championship, Semifinal
24. Schweizer Meisterschaft, Vorgruppe 06

23. Meisterschaft der Schweiz, Finale
9th European Team Championship - Semifinal
World Championships 34, Semifinals
Jubilee Tournament 25 Years Swiss CC Section B2 2. IM Norm
22. Meisterschaft der Schweiz, Finale
23. Schweizer Meisterschaft, Vorgruppe 02
Friendly match Norway vs. Switzerland

Friendly match Spain vs. Switzerland
22. Schweizer Meisterschaft, Vorgruppe 04
WS Grandmaster Norm 013
Swiss Friends II, red
European TC VII, Final board 5
World Cup XIV/SF05
70 ans AJEC "B"
Friendly match Lithuania vs. Switzerland
Friendly match Switzerland vs. France
WS Grandmaster Norm 009 1. IM Norm
20. Meisterschaft der Schweiz, Finale
WS Master Class 049
60 Years BdF-WS32
WS Master Norm 015

WS Higher Class 008
WS Higher Class 007
21.Schweizer Meisterschaft, Vorrunde E04
Friendly match Switzerland vs. Spain
Thematic Fegatello (Final)
Thematic Alekhine (Final)
Thematic Scandinavian (Final)
WS Master Class 032
WS Master Class 033
Thematic Fegatello
Europe Email Open Class 018
Thematic Alekhine
Thematic Trompovski (Final)
Thematic Pirc Defence (Final)
21.Schweizer Meisterschaft, Vorrunde E02
Thematic Lisitsin Gambit
World Cup XIV E25
20.Schweizer Meisterschaft, Vorrunde
Thematic Pirc Defence
Thematic Scandinavian
Email Open Class 154
Click here to see some of my best correspondence games.