Wales is like England an ale country. But its beer industry had hard times especially during the 19th century when it had to face strong religious anti-alcoholic waves.
Despite a little trip in Cardiff in 1989 I had to wait until 2001 to sample my first beer from Wales: I have found those beers at the Beer Festival 2001 and 2002 in Lausanne.
Breweries: 40 to 60 / Beers: 200 to 300

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Total: 18 beers Weighted average: 12.57

country rating:

my favourite breweries (min. 3 beers)

  1. OTLEY 12.56
  2. BRAINS 12.02

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contract brewed by ALC. % STYLE RATING image retired?
BRAINS ORIGINAL BITTER 3.5 Bitter 11.6 link    
BRAINS PRINCE'S ALE Premium Bitter/ESB 11.2      
BRAINS SA 4.2 Bitter 12.8 link    
BRAINS SA DARK 4.1 Mild Ale 13.6 link    
BRAINS SA GOLD 4.7 Golden/Blond/Cream Ale 12.8 link    
BRAINS THE REV. JAMES 4.5 Bitter 13.2 link    
CEREDIGION DRAIG AUR (GOLD DRAGON) 4.2 Golden/Blond/Cream Ale 12.8 link retired
CEREDIGION GWRACH DDU (BLACK WITCH) 4 Stout/Dry Stout 14.4 link retired
FELINFOEL DOUBLE DRAGON 4.2 Bitter 12.4 link    
LINES TROIS DAMES DATE LINE 3.5 Saison 16 link    
OTLEY DARK-O 4.1 Mild Ale 12 link   retired
OTLEY O-GARDEN 4.8 American Wheat 13.2 link    
OTLEY O1 4 Golden/Blond/Cream Ale 12.4 link    
OTLEY O4 COLUMB-O 4 Golden/Blond/Cream Ale 13.6 link    
OTLEY O6-PORTER 6.6 Porter 14.8 link    
OTLEY O8 8 Barley Wine 14 link    
TINY REBEL ONE INCH PUNCH 3.9 Saison 15.6 link    
TINY REBEL STAY PUFT 5.2 Sweet Stout 15.6 link    

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