I have been in Sri Lanka in 1995, discovering the beautiful Lion Stout in the great city of Kandy (yes, like Michael Jackson !) and some average lagers. Luckily, the Lion Stout is imported in Switzerland since some years now.
Breweries: 3 / Beers: 20 to 30

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Total: 7 beers Weighted average: 10.80

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my favourite breweries (min. 3 beers)

  1. CEYLON 10.82

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contract brewed by ALC. % STYLE RATING ratebeer.com image retired?
CEYLON LION LAGER / IMPORTED 4.1/4.2 Pale Lager 8 link    
CEYLON LION PILSNER 4.4 Pilsner ***      
CEYLON LION STOUT / IMPORTED 7.5/8.0 Stout - Foreign 15.6 link  
CEYLON LION STRONG BEER 8.8 Malt Liquor / European Strong lager 10 link    
CEYLON ROYAL PILSNER 4.5 Pilsner *** link    
McCALLUM (MILLERS) THREE COINS LAGER   Pale Lager *** link    
McCALLUM (MILLERS) THREE COINS PILSNER   Pilsner *** link   retired

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