I got the first beer from Biershop.de in 2001. And I finally was able to sample the excellent Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, courtesy of Laurent Mousson in 2007.
Breweries: 9 / Beers: 25 to 40 (Please note that this could be highly inaccurate due to the lack of information from this country)

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Total: 3 beers Weighted average: 11.35

country rating:

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contract brewed by ALC. % STYLE RATING ratebeer.com image retired?
GUINNESS NIGERIA FOREIGN EXTRA STOUT 7.5 Foreign Stout 16.4 link    
NIGERIAN PLC GULDER 5.2 Pale Lager 11.2 link    
NIGERIAN PLC STAR 5.1 Pale Lager 10 link    

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