Despite having a long brewing tradition and being located between great brewing countries, Luxembourg is not showing great quality beers. Due to the small size of its beer market, about a third of its production is being exported. The local market is dominated by InBev.
Except the Diekirch occasionally, no beers from Luxembourg can be found in Switzerland.
Breweries: 8 / Beers: 50 to 60 / Consumption per capita: 107 litres.

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Total: 5 beers Weighted average: 9.79

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  1. DIEKIRCH 9.50

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contract brewed by ALC. % STYLE RATING image retired?
BOFFERDING LAGER PILS 4.8 Pale Lager 4.4 link    
DIEKIRCH EXCLUSIVE 5.1 Pale Lager 7.6 link    
DIEKIRCH GRANDE RESERVE 6.9 Bock - Hell / Maibock *** link    
DIEKIRCH PREMIUM 4.8 Pale Lager 6.4 link  
MOUSEL MANSFELD LAGER 4.8 Pale Lager 8.4 link  

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