One beer was found in a croatian shop in my hometown. The others have been kindly offered by Mato Tovilo in 2001.
Breweries: 20 to 30 / Beers: 70 to 100 (Please note that this could be highly inaccurate due to the lack of informations from t his country)

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Total: 11 beers Weighted average: 12.42

country rating:

my favourite breweries (min. 3 beers)

  1. the GARDEN 13.80

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contract brewed by ALC. % STYLE RATING image retired?
DARUVAR STAROCESKO SVIJETLO 5.2 Pilsner 13.6 link    
KARLOVACKA KARLOVACKO 5.0/5.4 Pale Lager 8.4 link  
PANONSKA PAN 5.2 Pale Lager 11.2 link    
the GARDEN AZACCA PALE 5.2 Pale Ale - American 14.8 link    
the GARDEN CITRUS IPA 7.2 India Pale Ale 15.2 link    
the GARDEN INDIA PALE ALE 6.5 India Pale Ale 14.8 link    
the GARDEN MILK STOUT 4.1 Stout - Sweet 14.4 link    
the GARDEN PALE ALE 5.1 Pale Ale - American 16.8 link    
the GARDEN RED RYE 4.5 Specialty Grain 15.2 link    
VISIBABA PIVO JOHN LEMON KABINET 5.6 Belgian Witbier 14.4 link    
ZAGREBACKA OZUJSKO 5.2 Pilsner 12 link    

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