re-rated, from, 6.7% - cloudy brown beer with a reddish hue, persistent beige foam; toasted maltiness and coffee; smooth and creamy palate; full-bodied, solidly bitter; some sweet maltiness lasting a bit in the finish; aftertaste of coffee, gently nutty, fruity and spicy - very nice (has clearly more malty characteristics in comparison with the more fruity sample from April 2014)

from the brewery’s online shop, 7.2% - pours a cloudy brown beer under a solid long lasting creamy beige foam; hoppy aroma of quince marmalade, pear and marzipan; full-bodied, some sweetness and a decent bitterness; light residual sweetness and lot of fruity hops in the finish - well-crafted and balanced (5/7/7/4/16)

Rating (appearance,aroma,flavor,aftertaste,overall impression):