november 2009 - I got forced by Laurent Mousson to re-rate it and must admit that either my taste changed during the last 6 years (well it has changed definitely, the only question being how much) or this brew is not at its best anymore. In any cases, I have not been able to find all of its complexity in the nose anymore and had to deplore a light metallic touch in the finish. But itís still a great beer anyway.

february 2004 - cloudy dark-brown colour, fine persistant creamy head with a nice lacing, deeply complex aroma of plums, nougat, nuts, alcohol and cocolate, full-bodied, oily with a strong bitterness, the finish is explosive showing tons of malt, warming alcohol and licorice - this brew is just marvellous and if I had to choose only one beer, it would be this one (5/10/10/5/19)

Rating (appearance,aroma,flavor,aftertaste,overall impression):