re-rated April 2011; from the market in Sion cloudy dark orange colour with no head retention; aroma of corn, banana and carrots; fizzy and tasteless, thin-bodied; a late and gentle acidity; the finish is quite empty with lingering corny notes - in one word: bad

from Café de l’Union, Lens (Valais); the last bottle! A chance considering that I drove 230 km and that I have no clue where else this beer could be available (I don’t even have the brewery’s address) - hazy pale lactic-blond colour with a fast collapsing foam; aroma of corn and banana with notes of vinegar; moderate carbonation and quite thin-bodied; quite sourish finish with light fruity notes - not terrible to say the least; I understand this restaurant is not willing to buy it again. (2/3/3/2/6)

Rating (appearance,aroma,flavor,aftertaste,overall impression):