re-rated 3/2008; courtesy of Dominique Javet - pours a cloudy bordeaux colour with a little beige foam; aroma of dried berries and toasted malts; a good malt body and some initial sweetness, a moderate and late bitterness introduces a quite dry and relatively short aftertaste of red fruits and biscuits - very balanced

10/2007 - courtesy of Laurent Mousson and Dominique Javet - cloudy bordeaux-brown colour; no head retention; a gentle biscuity maltiness with an undefined spicy note in the background; quite low carbonation and not really tasty; moderately bitter with a short malty finish although the spicy notes stay for long in the mouth - Im not really convinced by this one (3/6/5/3/12)

Rating (appearance,aroma,flavor,aftertaste,overall impression):