2000 vintage, sampled may 2007 - hazy dark brown colour with a reddish hue, no residual foam; resinous, wood, caramel and licorice; sticky, full-bodied, strong sweetness, partially balanced by a late and fair bitterness; long warming finish with more notes of caramel and pine needles - has definitely improved with age but it is not as good as a 7 years old Samichlaus from Hürlimann (4/8/7/4/16)

2003 vintage sampled in february 2004 - clear pale amber colour (each new vintage looks paler than the precedent !), almost no foam, strong aroma of plum with some alcohol notes, incredibly sweet and thick, oily, long warming alcohol finish - much better than other young vintages

2002 vintage sampled january 2004 - clear amber colour (strangely pale indeed in comparison with other vintages), no foam, strong nose of malt, alcohol and prune, the whole thing remembers me of soy sauce, very sweet and very oily, sirupy with a powerfull malt, alcohol and cognac-like finish - brutal and chaotic, not at maturation

2001 vintage sampled may 2003 - clear reddish-brown colour, almost no foam, bready, alcohol and dark fruits aroma, immensely sweet, very oily and heavy, explosive alcoholic, sugary and sirupy finish, chaotic and unbalanced - should have a "best after" instead of a "best before" date; wait at least 3 more years with this vintage

2000 vintage sampled in december 2000 - I hope Oakes will not be too much disappointed ...I tasted it blind together with a 1996 Samichlaus from Hurlimann. The difference is enormous and I understand now better why young vintages from this beer are not really loved (since 8 years, it was the first time I tried a vintage younger than 3 years).The colour of this one is much lighter and not so intense. Its aroma is the only interesting side: it has a molasses nose with a hint of strawberry (the 1996 is more complex). The flavour is quite disgusting: much too sweet, siruppy, astringent, aggressive with an acid aftertaste.So please: don’t touch this beer until it is aged minimum 3 years !

Rating (appearance,aroma,flavor,aftertaste,overall impression):