2004-2005 (4/7/7/4/15) - clear amber colour, the initial foam quickly reduces, notes of caramel in a subtle hoppy nose, some astringence, solid malt body, decent bitterness, the finish is quite dry with notes of tobacco and caramel - very drinkable, solid and quite complex
2002-2003 (4/7/7/4/14) - clear amber colour, fine head, light hoppy, buttery and fruity, medium-bodied, subtle, sweet and bitter with a long, light fruity finish - very british, very pleasant
2001-2002 (5/7/6/4/12) - amber colour, creamy head, deep herbal aroma, dry and bitter, light, long vegetable finish
2000-2001 (5/8/7/4/15) - orange colour, nice head, well-hopped, sweet, well-structured, dry finish with an interesting bitterness
1999-2000 (11.0)
1998-1999 (14.0)

Rating (appearance,aroma,flavor,aftertaste,overall impression):