re-rate 7/2010; courtesy of Raoul Gendroz - pours a cloudy dark blond-orange colour with a moderate head retention; a fair aroma of hay, banana and citrus; notes of cloves come out while the beer gets warmer; a respectable malt body and a subtle carbonation, some sweetness and a gently sticky mouthfeel which retains in spite of it a pretty juicy touch; some late and light tart acidity and a long banana and corny finish - accurate, subtle and robust at the same time

2/2/2006 - very cloudy amber-orange colour with a little unregular foam; cloves and matured banana in the nose; very creamy mouthfeel with a high carbonation; some tart acidity which brings a good balance; long corny and banana finish with some residual sweetness - very nicely made and as good as a Hefeweizen can be (4/7/7/4/14)

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