12.2004: cloudy copper-brown colour, fine regular foam, light aroma of apple with smokey and earthy notes, medium to full body, solid bitterness, the finish is long, slightly dry, smokey and fruity - subtle, solid and complex at the same time; another great beer from Jérôme, but this one took time !
April 2004 (7/3/6/2/9) - unreleased due to problems during the bottle fermentation resulting in a little explosion while opening the bottle - cloudy dirty brown colour, fine dense and long lasting head, the aroma is quite complex showing grapefruit, earthy notes and undefined spices, it is full-bodied, overcarbonated with a tart strong bitterness, the finish is dry and malty with some fruits reminiscence but is leaving an unpleasant aftertaste of unfermented malt

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