1985 vintage, sampled 12/2007; thanks to Laurent Mousson (again) for this gem - black coloured without foam; heavy aroma of pralines, chocolate, butter and licorice; madaireized; very thick and oily, low carbonation and a strong malt body; dry and very bitter with a touch of sourness; long chocolaty finish - a wonderful beer which marvelously survived those 22 years

1975(!) vintage, sampled 10/2006, huge thanks to Laurent Mousson for sharing this one with me !dark black coloured; little shy foam; deeply complex aroma of cheese, licorice, dust and cocoa, light notes of boiled meat; slightly oily with an unregular malt profile; late and solid bitterness soon met by a strong saltiness; very long and very salty aftertaste with more cocoa and licorice - this beer has suffered the assault of time but has resisted honorably - a touching experience (4/8/7/4/14)

1992 vintage, sampled 04/2004 - dark black colour with absolutely no foam, very strong and complex aroma of nut, black chocolate, cocoa, alcohol and plum, very thick and oily, solid bitterness, the finish is long and chocolaty - thx to fiulijn for this beautiful brew

Rating (appearance,aroma,flavor,aftertaste,overall impression):