1997 vintage 14.2% sampled 01/07/2004; at last I can get my hand on this last vintage from Hürlimann ! (thanks to fiulijn): deep brown colour, the initial fine foam disappears quickly, very complex nose of malt, alcohol, wood, spices and nuts, thick and very sweet but followed by a solid bitterness, the finish is Portwine-like, powerfull, showing malts, alcohol, nuts and caramel - is it balanced ? who cares ... it's a wonderful experience !(9/4/8/4/18)
1996 vintage sampled 12/27/2002: I just love this beer a little bit more each year. It still gets more complex and before all, the ingredients are fitting each year better together. The finish is now developping a long bitterness with strong notes of port wine. (9/4/8/5/18)
1996 vintage sampled 10/23/2001: Very deep bordeaux colour, aroma: roasted malt, alcohol, cherry , very complex flavor (spicy, caramel). Like to Thomas Hardy's Ale, I enjoy this beer each year a little bit more. Not for unexperienced beer drinkers ... Don't drink it too young, it really improved each year.(9/4/7/4/17)
1995 vintage (7/4/5/4/13)
1994 vintage (5/4/4/3/11)
1992 vintage (5/3/3/2/7)

Rating (appearance,aroma,flavor,aftertaste,overall impression):