Beer Styles

I base my classifications on the guidelines provided by the Association of Brewers, the classification from Mario D'Eer in his book "Ales, lagers et lambics: la bière" and from Josh Oakes. For a description of each styles, please take a look at Oake's Beer Styles Advanced Guide..

If you see any beers that are obviously in the wrong category, please


Strong Anglo-American Ales

  • 1a Barley Wine
  • 1b American Strong Ale
  • 1c Scotch Ale
  • 5c Old Ale / English Strong Ale

    Belgian Ales

  • 2a Sour Ale
  • 2b Abbey Dubbel (Prior)
  • 2c Abbey Tripel
  • 2d Belgian Ale
  • 2e Belgian Strong Ale
  • 2f Saison
  • 2g ABT (Quadrupel)

    Continental Ales

  • 3a Bière de Garde
  • 3b Altbier
  • 3c Kölsch

    Light, Dark Anglo-American Ales

  • 4a Brown Ale
  • 4b Mild Ale
  • 6b Amber Ale
  • 8b Irish Ale

    Pale Ales

  • 5a English Pale Ale
  • 5b India Pale Ale
  • 5d American Pale Ale
  • 5e Imperial/Double IPA
  • 5f Black IPA
  • 5g Session IPA


  • 6a Golden/Blond/Cream Ale
  • 7a Bitter
  • 7b Premium Bitter/ESB
  • 7c Scottish Ale


  • 9a Porter
  • 9b Baltic/Imperial Porter


  • 10a Stout/Dry Stout
  • 10b Foreign Stout
  • 10c Imperial Stout
  • 10d Sweet Stout



  • 11a Faro
  • 11b Gueuze
  • 11c Fruit
  • 11d unblended



  • 12a Bock
  • 12b Heller Bock/Maibock
  • 12c Doppelbock
  • 12d Eisbock

    Dark Lagers

  • 13a Dunkel
  • 13b Schwarzbier
  • 16a Märzen/Oktoberfest
  • 16b Amber Lager/Vienna

    Mainstream Pale Lagers

  • 14a Pale Lager
  • 14b Premium Lager
  • 14c Malt Liquor/European Strong Lager

    European Pale Lagers

  • 15a Pilsener
  • 15b Czech Pilsner (Svetlý)
  • 14b Dortmunder/Helles

    Specialty Lagers

  • 19b Zwickelbier / Kellerbier / Landbier
  • 19c California Common
  • 19f India Pale Lagers/Imperial Pils


    South German Wheats

  • 17d Hefe-Weizen
  • 17e Dunkelweizen
  • 17f Weizenbock
  • 17g Kristallweizen

    Other Wheats

  • 17a Witbier
  • 17b American Wheat
  • 17c Berliner Weisse


  • 19a Smoked Beer
  • 19d Low Alcohol (< 2.5%)
  • 19e Specialty Grain


    Flavoured and Traditional Ales

  • 18a Fruit Beer
  • 18b Spice/Herb/Vegetable
  • 18c Traditional Ale (colonche, gotlandsdricka, gruitbier, heather ale, keptinis alus, pulque, sahti, tesguino, uytzet, ...)
  • 18d Radler/Shandy
  • 18e Grodziskie/Gose/Lichtenhainer