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Welcome to my Switzerland Beer Guide! You can click on the country map to browse the canton of your choice or choose one of the links below. All the breweries listed here are registered at the Swiss Federal Customs Administration. The few differences between the two lists are explained here. For each brewery, I try to put together the most possible informations and, if available, you'll find links to the brewery's homepage and to Google maps as well. And of course, if I've been lucky enough to put my hands on their beers, you'll find also a short review. Don't forget that this will be by definition subjective, so don't shout at me if your opinion diverges. If you are a swiss brewer and would like me to review your beers, then feel free to contact me (bov (at) I'm always interested!
If you came here directly, be sure to take also a look to my main beer page where you'll find reviews of more than 11'000 beers from 164 countries with among them the 3'000+ swiss beers I've had until now.
And thank you for letting me know about any corrections or missing informations! (bov (at)

[complete guide]: as it says, all the breweries (active and closed) and even more in one click.
[beer festivals & events]: take a close look at the events of the swiss beer scene.
[Google Maps of Swiss breweries]: all breweries displayed on 1 map!
[Swiss Breweries sorted by registry number]: all breweries, closed or active, with their registry number from the Swiss Federal Customs
[my ranking list of the swiss breweries]: my totally subjective but in spite of it (or because of it) beloved best of list.
[closed breweries]: the 700+ dead ones; for sentimental guys like me absolutely essential.
[links]: associations, blogs and so on; the major ones are listed here.
[industrial statistics]: some numbers regarding the swiss beer market.
[historique]: some prose about the history of beer in Switzerland. Beware! It is in french...
[new swiss breweries of the year]: here are the yearly newcomers (from my point of view) since 1998.
[my top swiss beers by style]: shows the top 10 beers by style; however not really up-to-date (August 2010)
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  • Januar 2016: Amphibrau (Windisch, AG), ELK (Ruetschelen, BE), Naebu Braeu (Ipsach, BE), NIKSON (Steffisburg, BE), Trachseli (Thierachern, BE), Blauner Braeu (Blauen, BL), Homburger Braeu (Diepflingen, BL), Meduzin (Kerzers, FR, Strela Braeu Davos (Davos, GR), Kursi (Goldach, SG), Hamlet (Osterfingen, SH), Tucho Brew (Zuchwil, SO), Brasserie Artisanale de Mies (Mies, VD), Fresh Beer Club (Crissier, VD), Annivia (St-Luc, VS), les Brasseurs Sion (Sion, VS), Allgemeine Braugenossenschaft Zuerich (Zuerich), Brausyndikat (Zürich, Neufuhrbraeu (Uster, ZH), Obersee Brau Union (Wetzikon, ZH). Closed: Birrificio Ticinese (TI).

  • December 2015: AGBraeu, Gyre Braui (AG), Brasserie du Moulin, Brasserie les Garcons, Butler 777, Guerbe Bier, Reist-Bier, Skipper Bier, Valbeer's (BE), Chlaeggi (SH), 4655 Brewing Company (SO), Bischoff, Muekon (TG), Cap'taine Mousse, Hughes Image Simpson Brew Partners, le Moulin (VD), Berghaus Kaeserstatt, Esprit Montagne (VS).

  • November 2015: Hausbrauerei Gasel (BE), Bratherie di Yerdza/Brasserie des Ecureils (FR), Totally Beer (GE), Schifis Huusbraeu (GL), Brauhuus 531 (LU), Sutton (NW), Smore (SO), Bunkerbraeu (TG), Brasserie du Singe, Preums, Sunset (VD), Ademus Richard & Thetaz (VS).

  • October 2015: Jaberger Bierkultur, Rumor (AG), Ilanzer Bier (GR), Soorser Bier (LU), Tschifeler (OW), Atlas Craft Beer, la Baveuse (VD), Elgger Nachbar Braeu, Livehard (ZH). Reborn: Bier Manufaktur Maienfeld (GR). Closed: Walther's Farneren (BE), les Divins Brasseurs (VS).

  • September 2015: Fox & Rabbit (BE), BierKlub (GE), Chraft Brauerei (LU), High5 (NW), Club de Voile de Villars-Burquin, Couvaloup (VD), 8406, Garaschbraeu, Oerlikon (ZH).

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6030 Ebikon (LU)
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